Jan 1, 2001

About Me

Me in a nutshell...

Work:  I am an integrated product team lead at General Dynamics C4 Systems.  I lead several teams of system, software, and test engineers working in a Java and web services environment.  We follow a very strict agile process that we are always tweaking and changing as we learn more of what works and what doesn't.  I used to be very good software architect and tech lead, but the project lead work is proving interesting as I am migrating teams away from waterfall development into a more agile process.

  • Rich Internet Applications - My main hobby (or obsession really) is working on an Adobe Flex project using Granite data services (www.graniteds.org), Seam, JBoss, and EJB3.  It also keeps my technical skills sharp as this area of technology is moving very rapidly.
  • Writing - I also like to write and am getting back into the blogging thing again.
  • Being a Dad - The pay sucks, but it's the best job I've ever had.  I have 2 young boys and a baby girl, and they keep me busy.  I'm coaching soccer & baseball, and I'm thankful that no one will ever ask me to teach ballet.